Thursday, June 2, 2011

ACE approves PMA-CPTs to offer ACE CECs

Good news! 

The American Council on Exercise (ACE), has recently agreed to include PMA® Certified Pilates Teachers (PMA®-CPTs) in the ACE approved credentials list.

This means that PMA certified teachers can apply to ACE to have ACE credits allocated to their continuing education workshops, and that the PMA credential will be accepted as a necessary professional credential. Being able to offer ACE CECs (as well as PMA CECs) is an additional selling point for workshops, and an additional reason for conferences to want PMA-CPTs as presenters. It also means that Pilates teachers no longer have to be ACE certified to qualify for ACE CECs. They can maintain their PMA certification and support their credential for their own profession, while also offering ACE credits for fitness professionals.

ACE is in the process of changing all of their documents to reflect this updated information. This change is official starting now.

Going forward, it is more important than ever for PMA-CPTs to list the PMA credential (written as PMA®-CPT) on their resumes as well as in any biographies that they create for a conference session or workshop that they are going to present.


To apply for ACE approval of your CEC workshop, click here on this link:

ACE CEC application 

To apply for PMA approval of your CEC workshop, click on this link:

PMA CEC application